Printhead Initialization Failure - Eye Lid Position

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Printhead Initialization Failure - Eye Lid Position

Postby admin » Tue Sep 29, 2015 12:02 pm

We have seen that some Init. Failures can be caused by an eyelid position error.

On power up (and Printhead remove/install sequence) there is a DIAG performed on the printhead(s), this checks various things in the printhead like the eyelid position, valve triggering, data transmit/receive, charge voltage and stim checks.

We have seen that the Eyelid can cause an error and stop you from using the head for a simple 2 minute fix.
You can perform this easier with the printhead not mounted on the PIC Box, but it can also be performed on the head while mounted if you know what you are looking for and have done this a few times in the past.
Lets presume the printhead is not mounted on the press and removed from the PIC Box, upside down with the eyelid facing to the ceiling, you can now slide open the eyelid to access the inside. If you look in the centre of the printhead, behind the open eyelid you should be able to see some small micro-switches inside the printhead, these are checked when it performs the DIAG's. Over time these small micro switches become covered in ink dust from printing and can stick "in". If you take a slightly damp swab (use replenisher where possible), you can clean up the switch and work the button so the replenisher loosens up the surrounding ink particles. Clean it up as best you can and then re-fit the head on the PIC Box observing your usual install/removal procedure.

In the past you could open up the printheads and service them (to an extent, theres not many user serviceable parts inside a printhead) but now there are warranty labels placed over the access screws, so it is not recommended to open them up now.

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