Monitor not coming on. Fluidstation PC fault

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Monitor not coming on. Fluidstation PC fault

Postby admin » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:03 am

The other day there was a call where the operator screen would not power on, this was fairly straight forward as the screen is powered from the fluidstation and the monitor signal is from the pc-in-a-box computer inside the fluidstation.

The power supply was working as the monitor would power on with the front LED but would go in to power saving mode shortly after as no signal was received. Another monitor was tries on the system, and this showed the same symptoms. After checking connections, it was determined that the pc-in-a-box computer was at fault. It was not outputting a video signal to the monitor.

Fortunately on site there was a replacement pc-in-a-box system and it was swapped out.
After power up, the monitor was working again and the the system settings were checked (inkdex etc...).

Further diagnostics can be performed on the PC and a new graphics card could be sourced and swapped out, but as the customer has kept the PC, we did not delve into this further.

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