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Stim Servo Errors

Postby admin » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:43 am

Lately we have been seeing a lot of Stim Servo Errors on the Kodak 9" systems we support.

There are a few things that can cause this from a bad printhead to an electrical fault to an air leak.

To help diagnose this, if you can put a catch pan on the printhead that has the error and start a step to ready.
As the system comes to ready, observe the jets and see if you can see any distortion in the jest formation or in the curtain, I have noticed this when the printhead is at the first "Step Up" state. You can sometimes see there are small air bubbles coming out of the orifice plate.

Additionally, as the charge voltage is applied to the printhead you may see this at State 24 (countdown timer at approx. 2 minutes).
When the charge voltage is applied to the ink curtain, all the ink jets do not go into "catch" and you sill see some of the jets still hitting the catchpan with a width of 10mm - 30mm and other jest catching ok. At this point the printhead will probably report a Charge Short Error and close the eyelid, so you need to be quick and observe the jest as the charge voltage is applied.

The printhead may sometimes come to ready with the eyelid closed in a normal "Ready" state and when the eyelid is opened to the print position, it can show a stim servo error. This again could be caused by air intake somewhere in the fluidstation/printstation or on your umbilical fittings.

Usually the air leaks happen on the infeed to the ink pump or under the ink tank.
We recommend replacing these fittings every couple of years as with the heat expansion from the ink pumps can cause deterioration of the fittings.

Strangely, we have noticed this more on the B channel of the printstation... this is not always the case, but up to now, the B channel has been more prone to this fault.


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