Kodak S2 6240 Inkjet System Trade In Offer

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Kodak S2 6240 Inkjet System Trade In Offer

Postby admin » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:05 pm

We are currently offering a Trade-In on the old Kodak S2 6240 Printstations for the newer Kodak 9" DX90 printstations.

We will come to your site and inventory your S2 systems, parts and printheads and offer a trade-in price.
In previous cases, we have offered a free* print width upgrade.
For example: If you have 16 x S2 printstations printing a width of 4.5" per printhead and a total width of: 4.5 x 16 = 72" of print.
We will offer you an equivalent system using the newer and higher print resolution 9" print system, this will be 8 x 9" DH90 printheads.

Each DX90 Printstation can have 2 x 9" printheads mounted meaning you only need 4 print stations.
This reduces your parts needed on site, reduces your down time and increases your print resolution up to 300 x 600 dpi @ 500 f/min and 300 x 400 dpi @ 750 f/min.

The new printheads can usually be mounted on the your existing print lines with only minimal modification to your existing printhead mounts. Your dryers and finishing does not need to change at all.

We will check your controller and datastations to see if they are compatible with the technology change, usually you do not need to change your controller or datastations depending on your existing configuration and levels of software and hardware.

This has helped our customers keep up with their own customers demand by offering a higher printed DPI on their printed product with a very low investment.

To discuss any upgrades, service, support and parts for the above systems, please contact:
Phoenix Digital Solutions Limited

*free upgrades are limited to the trade-in of the 4" systems to 9" and does not include any postage, packaging, delivery, installation and training.
The system trade is 4 x 4" S2 6240 systems (allowing up to 18" of printed width) for 1 x DX90 printstation system (allowing up to 18" of printed width).

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